YouTube Music Assessment Answers 2019

Learn how to set up a channel, promote your music, get your fans to listen to you, and reach the top of the charts. To complete this course, log in, then complete the course at your own pace and pass the course exam with a 75% success rate to earn your certificate of achievement.

YouTube Music Assessment

YouTube Music Assessment Exam Details:

  • Exam: YouTube Music Assessment Answers
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  • Time limit: You have 120 minutes
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  • 100 multiple choice questions (new*)
  • 8 lessons
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What’s one practical application for YouTube Analytics for Artists?

  • Understand which of an artist’s songs are fan favorites, and include these songs on a tour setlist.
  • Understand which of an artist’s YouTube videos are fan favorites, and run ad campaigns for them.
  • Understand which search terms lead viewers to the artist’s channel, and include them in video metadata.
  • Understand which music videos are most popular this week on YouTube, and estimate how an artist’s new video might perform.

What is the difference between copyright and Content ID?

  • Copyright is a set of laws, while Content ID is a tool that helps rights holders exercise their rights on YouTube.
  • Content ID is a set of laws, while copyright is a tool that helps rights holders exercise their rights on YouTube.
  • Copyright protections are the same in every country, while Content ID policies vary by location.
  • Users must apply Content ID policies the same way in every country, while copyright protections vary by location.

How does upgrading to an Official Artist Channel affect an artist’s subscribers?

  • Upgrading does not affect subscribers.
  • Upgrading makes it easier for subscribers to find all of an artist’s music in one place.
  • Upgrading makes it harder for subscribers to find an artist’s music, because the artist’s catalog has split into three channels.
  • Upgrading makes it easier for subscribers to learn about new videos, because their notifications are automatically turned back on.


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