YouTube Channel Growth Assessment Answers 2019

The Youtube Growth Certificate is a certificate that identified you as an expert in managing the Youtube channel and attracting the audience. This certificate, like other YouTube certificates, allows you to manage the channel internally, from google sales to revenue from the number of visits, management of rights or generation of a larger audience.

YouTube Channel Growth Assessment

Whether you use YouTube or an entertainment platform as your main window to communicate with your followers, you can always go one step further and we know that the search engine giant is never left behind.

YouTube Channel Growth Assessment Exam Details:

  • Exam Name: YouTube Channel Growth Assessment
  • Exam URL:
  • Questions:100 multiple choice questions

Once you have been accepted into the program, you will have 30 days to consult all the material and be able to take the exam up to a maximum of two times. Once you have passed the test (consisting of 100 multiple choice questions) you will receive the Youtube certificate and become part of the community of experts.

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You have an English channel and notice that more viewership is starting to come from two Latin American countries that speak Spanish and Portuguese. What is something simple you can consider doing to maximize this opportunity?

  • Produce new videos in Spanish and Portuguese with local talent immediately.
  • Add subtitles/CC and localized metadata for these countries’ languages.
  • Produce dubbed videos in Spanish and Portuguese and start new channels for these languages.
  • Keep your videos as English only to stay focused on your primary audience.

You have English videos, but discover that viewership is high in Asian countries where other languages are spoken. What might you consider doing to better target this audience?

  • Change the publishing schedule so new videos release at 8am in Asia.
  • Hire a voice actor to dub over every video into all Asian languages.
  • Create playlists exclusively for Asian audiences.
  • Identify the top Asian countries, then consider adding translated captions and metadata for the top performing videos.

Why is having an audience match important?

  • Good audience match could improve the ad rates on the channel’s videos.
  • Good audience match could improve the target demographics.
  • Poor audience match could cause the channel to lose its existing watch time.
  • Poor audience match could slow channel growth and/or reduce audience retention.

Why is it important to assess discovery on YouTube?

  • There is a direct correlation between discovery and video length.
  • Knowledge of discovery allows you to optimize the channel for optimum views.
  • You need to understand who is visiting the channel in order to serve the appropriate ads to them.
  • Channels with lower discovery should focus solely on viral videos.

Which is true of reserve ads?

  • Because impressions cannot be guaranteed, advertisers are charged a variable rate.
  • They can only be sold and served via Google’s Ad Exchange, or AdWords for video.
  • Because impressions are guaranteed, advertisers are charged a fixed rate.
  • Because impressions are guaranteed, advertisers are charged a variable rate.

Which method could you use with the Watch time report to analyze whether content formats are performing as expected?

  • Group videos by date uploaded, and dig into seasonal fluctuations in watch time performance.
  • Group videos randomly, and look for patterns that emerge across the formats.
  • Group videos by content format, and compare watch time performance from specific times of the day.
  • Group videos by each content format, and look at their watch time performance across a specific period.

When do fluctuations in CPMs typically happen?

  • They dip at the end of the year and rise at the beginning of the year.
  • CPMs don’t fluctuate, they are a fixed value across the year.
  • CPMs rise at the end of a quarter and dip at the beginning of a quarter.
  • They rise at the beginning of the quarter and dip at the end of the quarter.

What is a reserve ad?

  • An ad provided by an established YouTube partner
  • An ad that will be requested before auction ads
  • An ad with the guaranteed highest CPMs
  • An ad that will be requested if no auction ads are available

What is an estimated monetized playback (EMP)?

  • The approximate number of the channel’s views that resulted in an ad impression
  • The approximate number of playbacks that had allowable ads for monetization
  • The approximate number of monetized views that resulted from an ad shown
  • The approximate number of subscribers who saw an ad

What is the benefit of using a branding watermark?

  • Allows viewers to subscribe to the channel without leaving the video they are watching
  • Prevents anyone from using the content without permission
  • Informs viewers of the channel’s social media links
  • Enables an audio chime to be embedded in every video to identify the brand

What is the correct order of steps to set up your channel for monetization and to get paid for earned ad revenue?

  • 1.Connect channel with AdSense 2. Turn ad formats on the videos 3. Enable the channel for monetization.
  • 1.Turn ad formats on the videos 2. Connect channel with AdSense 3. Enable the channel for monetization.
  • 1.Enable the channel for monetization 2. Connect channel with AdSense 3. Turn ad formats on the videos.
  • 1.Select videos to monetize 2. Connect channel with AdSense 3. Enable the channel for monetization.

What is the goal of the ad serving model?

  • To help brands target only audiences they’re interested in.
  • To help serve the most lucrative ad to the right viewer at the right time.
  • To help viewers watch their favorite ads.
  • To help creators share their most creative ads to advertisers.

If you want to adjust the channel’s demographic to attract primarily 13-17 year old females, what could you do to shift this demographic?

  • Produce more content that matches popular trends of teen girls and set a publishing schedule to align with after-school hours.
  • Keep the content the same, but change the publishing schedule to be late at night.
  • Change the content to be about travel, and try a monthly publishing schedule.
  • Keep the content the same, but do more promotion on social media.

How is the media landscape changing?

  • Viewers are shifting from passive viewers to active viewers.
  • Teens and millennials are watching more live broadcast TV.
  • Viewers are on fewer devices when watching TV.
  • More adults prefer cable TV over online video platforms.


The Youtube Creators Academy was born in 2013 with the aim of being able to train all users in the management of the YouTube channel with tutorials on sound techniques, production and recently the Bootcamp that serves as preparation to obtain the certificate of increase in audience.

If you choose their training, you will follow a 2-week program that will deal with all kinds of aspects for the management of your channel, from the importance of tags and miniatures to the measurement of the audience.

The company has to be selected by the channel itself to be certified, however you can get it by meeting the following requirements:

  • Manage channels with a high potential of followers
  • To offer an improvement for the professional curriculum
  • Have a solid business
  • Agree to all Youtube requirements, rules and legal terms

What happens next?

Having the Youtube certificate guarantees you to have knowledge and utilities about one of the most important social video networks in the world and to be able to manage your personal channel and that of your company so that your audience increases and you can maintain it.

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