Waze Ads Advanced Assessment Answers 2019

Take your Waze Ads knowledge to the next level with this advanced Waze Academy course. This course will help you optimize your Waze Ads campaigns, with the best creative strategies, a deeper look at Waze Dashboards and guidance on how to present Waze Ads to customers.

waze ads advanced exam

At the end of these courses, you’ll be one step closer to achieving Preferred Partner status, which also requires a minimum advertising investment of $45,000 (USD) in the last quarter in the U.S. and Canada. The advanced assessment is open to anyone, but obtaining the Preferred Partner badge and the resulting benefits are currently only available to agencies in eligible countries (currently only in the U.S. and Canada) that also meet the minimum quarterly investment level. Preferred member status is valid for 1 quarter.

Rise now in your Waze Ads experience and move one step closer to the preferred association with the Advanced Certification course!

Waze Ads Advanced Exam Details:

  • Step 1:  Sign in with your Waze Ads Advanced Assessment on the official website: Click on the link above
  • Step 2: ¿Are you ready? You can start your exam right now.
  • Step 3: Copy the question (Ctrl+C) from Waze Ads exam and presh Ctrl+F in this page for paste the question and get the correct answer.



Enjoy your exam!

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