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What can be done to make sure Active View metrics are available for a YouTube campaign?

  • Active View tags need to be added into DBM if a client is buying programmatically
  • Active View is integrated into both AdWords and DBM, so no tagging or trafficking is required
  • There is a simple tag-generation process that, once implemented, enables a client to get free Active View reports in AdWords
  • Active View is part of the partnership with MOAT, so advertisers will need to work with them to get access to these reports

An advertiser has never used YouTube as a performance platform before and is looking to set up their first campaign. Which of the following expectations should you set? Select all that apply.

  • Performance on desktop is likely to outperform that of mobile
  • Advertising on YouTube will most likely be effective only when targeting a younger demographic
  • They should not expect effective CPAs without continual testing and optimizing
  • CPAs on video should not be compared directly to search or display

A brand wants to know how they can benefit from the popularity of YouTube creators. Choose the best response.

  • Creators have a strong record of helping brands go viral, guaranteeing about 1M views when partnered with the right advertiser
  • Creators have greater success delivering against brand objectives like building consideration and loyalty, compared with traditional advertising
  • Creators are typically cheaper to work with, compared with the production costs of traditional advertising
  • Creators can connect brands to highly engaged viewers and communities on YouTube

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