Ron markets football cleats for a sporting goods company and ran a dynamic campaign in the hope of increasing sales volumes. Conversions in the “See” stage were really low. Which explanation is the most plausible?

  • He may have used too many signals to target his audience, his message may been better suited for the “Think” stage, and the key performance indicator for the “See” stage could have been wrong.
  • He forgot to account for the app campaign that was running concurrently. In the app, customers were invited to join an exclusive club where they received information others didn’t.
  • He could have used the wrong format for his one marketing message. What is also probable is that he made a spelling error when inputting the settings in his programmatic tools.
  • He most likely provided too many details for the three customer portraits he chose. There is also a good chance that he didn’t use See, Think, Do, Care effectively.

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