Introduction to Data Studio Assessment Answers 2019

Google Data Studio is an online platform that forms part of the Google Marketing Platform, which also includes Google Analytics, Tag Manager, Optimize and Surveys. This tool was created with the aim of optimizing the edition of personalized reports created from data obtained through direct connection with another online platform, with a web service or with a database.

Introduction To Data Studio exam

Google during the development of Data Studio has taken into account the usability of the tool and this can be seen at first glance, which identifies the main sections, templates, data sources and reports created, in addition to an area of user help and general configuration.

As the reports are created, they are saved and visualized in the main panel, where we can also visualize those that have been shared with us and those that are in the trash.

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What is the purpose of extracting data?

  • Create robust data sources with over 100MB of data
  • Maintain a live connection between your data set and data source
  • Use connectors not available through Google or partners
  • Usea subset of your original data for faster report performance

What is one benefit of using blended data?

  • The ability to combine data from different time periods in one chart
  • The ability to visualize data from multiple data sources in one chart
  • The ability to join multiple data sources without any common dimensions
  • The ability to share combined data sources between reports

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