Imagine you’re trying to convince your board that investing in programmatic technology would be a step forward for your company. What do you think would convince them?

  • Explain that with so many customers now using several devices, the journey is complex. Programmatic finds insights from your data for you, so you’ll be able to save on resources.
  • Focus on getting direct buying and real-time bidding right. It will seem expensive at first, but you’ll be able to save money by delivering one message throughout the entire journey.
  • Insist that all of your competitors are using it, so you have to stay relevant. You’ll be able to keep your last-click attribution method because regardless of technology, it’s still the final conversion that truly counts.
  • Tell them that after the initial investment and training, the efficiencies and return on investment would be worth the effort. There’s no better way to personalize and scale.

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