HubSpot Content Marketing Certification Exam Answers 2019

This HubSpot Content Marketing course will give you an overview of how to become an effective content marketer.

HubSpot Content Marketing Certification

Completing this course will help you:

  1. Learn a content creation framework to consistently produce effective content.
  2. Create and reuse content that both humans and search engines will love.
  3. Become a stronger, leaner, and more strategic content marketing company.

HubSpot Content Marketing Exam Details:

  • Step 1:  Sign in with your HubSpot Content Marketing Certification on the official website: Click on the link above
  • Step 2: ¿Are you ready? You can start your exam right now.
  • Step 3: Copy the question (Ctrl+C) from HubSpot exam and presh Ctrl+F in this page for paste the question and get the correct answer.



You’re the Marketing Director for a global financial company. The holidays are approaching and your boss wants to improve the company’s bottom line by 7%. You host a team meeting where the goal is to identify opportunities to test, then assign tasks to team members to start implementing right away. Is this approach correct?

  • Yes, the entire team is present and participating.
  • Yes, but make sure to assign the test to the appropriate team members.
  • No, ideation and implementation should be done in separate meetings.
  • No, you need approval from your boss before running a series of tests.

You asked your colleague to provide feedback on a blog post you recently wrote. When they sent you their feedback, they made edits directly in the doc. Is this a best practice for a content editing process?

  • Yes, because having an editor complete your content ensures it will read well to others.
  • Yes, a content editor’s role is to make updates the way they see fit.
  • No, the editor should have tracked changes which would have shown you where they would apply recommended edits.
  • No, they should have set up a meeting to discuss each edit so you could apply them together.

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