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Hootsuite Certification Courseware Exam Details:

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The Hootsuite Inbox (pictured below) is meant for:

  • displaying posts assigned to you, so you can action or re-assign them.
  • displaying unassigned comments, so you can assign them to the appropriate person or team.
  • getting a quick overview of the private messages your team has had with a user.
  • all the options in this list

In Hootsuite’s Promote feature, what are automation triggers use for?

  • Stopping an advertising campaign that is performing poorly.
  • Analyzing the performance of past posts, in order to recommend posts that should have advertising dollars put behind them.
  • Notifying you when your automated posts have exceeded your campaign budget.
  • Putting advertising dollars behind previously published organic posts that satisfy criteria you have defined.

Within the Hootsuite Composer, you can transform URLs into what’s called an ‘owly’ link. Which of the following are reasons you’d want to use this feature. (pick two)

  • owly links provide higher resolution previews of the webpage being linked to
  • owly links are trackable, which means you can track how many people clicked it
  • owly links use less characters than regular URLs
  • owly links are prioritized by social networks
  • owly links are perceived as more trustworthy than regular URLs

Which of the following is not a feature of Hootsuite?

  • the ability to schedule and publish messages to multiple accounts at once
  • geo-locating conversations and geo-targeting messages
  • the ability to fully automate your social media marketing activities (i.e., the Autopilot feature)
  • the ability to monitor conversations and engage with your audience across multiple social networks

Which of the following is a reason why you would want to add a moderate stream for YouTube in your Hootsuite dashboard:

  • to automatically flag comments that contain keywords that you’ve pre-defined in your YouTube settings
  • to view analytics on your YouTube channel and videos
  • to limit the number of videos shown in a stream (per 24 hours) to below the threshold you define.
  • to vet incoming comments on your channel or specific videos by approving or deleting them
  • to curate unoffensive video content that will resonate with the broadest possible cross-section of your audience

When using an RSS feed within Hootsuite, you can limit the amount of content being automatically pushed out to your followers by:

  • turning on the ‘Approvals Queue’, which would require admin approval of each RSS feed post
  • specifying the demographics of who should receive RSS feed updates (e.g., by age, gender, occupation, etc.)
  • specifying under ‘Preferences’ the RSS feed topics you’d like excluded
  • setting the frequency that Hootsuite checks for new content to once a day, rather than once an hour

What are two reasons why it’s important to share your Hootsuite Analytics data with other members of your team? (pick two)

  • to guide your team’s social media tactics to do more of what’s working
  • to provide colleagues with relevant content to publish with the compose box
  • to demonstrate the ROI of your social media efforts to more senior leadership in your company
  • to provide more accurate geo-location search results in your streams
  • to supply colleagues with data required for bulk uploader entries

What best describes the benefit of using Hootsuite, as compared to engaging natively from specific social networks?

  • Hootsuite provides deeper insights into users’ profiles than is found on the networks themselves.
  • When engaging on social networks natively, you can’t use the ‘auto-respond’ feature for comments and mentions.
  • Hootsuite lets you monitor and engage with all your social networks in one place, decreasing the risk of missing an important engagement opportunity.
  • Hootsuite allows you to see the contents of private profiles, providing thorough and accurate customer insights.
  • Hootsuite more accurately estimates the dollar value of a like, share, and retweet.

What’s the difference between a stream and a tab?

  • Streams are for searching out conversations, whereas tabs are for publishing content to your audiences.
  • Streams provide account analytics, Tabs are where geo-searches are performed.
  • Tabs are for searching out conversations, whereas streams are for publishing content to your audiences.
  • Steams display content from your social networks, and Tabs house a collection of streams.

When composing messages in Hootsuite, how would you make a rough draft of a message available with a team or team member for collaboration?

  • Save the message as a draft and then find it in the collaboration board with that team.
  • Publish the message to a social network, then click ‘assign to team or colleague’.
  • Assign the message to a social network the team or team member manages, then click ‘Save Draft’.
  • @Mention the team or team member in the drafted message before saving.

Let’s say you have saved 10 different messages as drafts for a holiday campaign. You now need to schedule these drafts to publish, taking into account other messages that might already be scheduled. Which tool would be most effective for this task?

  • Do not schedule them which will trigger Hootsuite to automatically assign a time
  • Use Hootsuite’s Bulk Compose feature.
  • Use the Hootsuite Planner to drag and drop the drafts into the most appropriate time slots.
  • Schedule the publishing time when composing the draft, cross-referencing with a calendar.
  • Use the Auto-Publisher, and set the cadence for everyone 12 hours.

The reports feature in Hootsuite Analytics is:

  • a location search stream, with geocode set for your specific location
  • where you set up user-generated content contests
  • a fully customizable, real-time display of social metrics data
  • you undertake audience testing to determine the best ad product to purchase
  • where you set the parameters for a Hootsuite social media campaign

See the visual below. Why is the action being taken here important?

  • Publishing messages is how you’ll engage your audience.
  • Adding 3rd party apps to your Hootsuite account is a great way to customize your dashboard for your unique business case.
  • Without performing this action (at least once), you can’t take any actions within the Hootsuite dashboard.
  • Running reports is a vital part of demonstrating ROI.

The Hootsuite Analytics overview automatically analyzes two time periods: the one you select, and the corresponding length of time before that. For example, if you select the last 7 days, the overview will automatically pull data from the previous 14 days. Why would this be a benefit?

  • to put your analytics results in a more historical perspective
  • to provide an estimate of future trends
  • this is not a feature of the overview module
  • to add fullness to your metrics reports
  • to make it easier to generate ROI reports for key stakeholders

The Hootsuite bulk composer allows you to:

  • approve large numbers of posts composed by junior team members
  • schedule up to 350 messages at one time, including existing scheduled messages
  • publish the same message across hundreds of social media networks at once
  • add background music to all the YouTube videos in a playlist
  • send out hundreds of personalized direct messages to your Twitter lists
  • generate large amounts of SEO friendly copy, based on social marketing goals

The purpose of the social profile picker in Composer is to:

  • select or deselect your existing social networks you’d like to connect to with your Hootsuite account
  • pick the social networks for which you’d like to generate a statistics report about your publishing efforts
  • select the social networks you’d like to monitor for activity relevant to your brand
  • identify the social networks to which you’d like to publish your message

In Hootsuite Analytics, what is an advantage of sharing a report with a colleague rather than sending them a static analytics report?

  • activities relative to your defined social media objectives
  • reports analyze a team member’s Hootsuite activity (e.g., engagement and publishing) to pull out the metrics that are most valuable to them
  • reports feature a built-in ROI calculator that grade your company’s social
  • reports provide your colleagues with continuous access to real time data, whenever they want it
  • reports include a qualitative analysis report indicating what you should do more of (and less of)

A vanity URL in Hootsuite is best described as:

  • a set of re-direct links provided to your organization’s administrator by Hootsuite
  • a customizable, branded URL that also lets you track click-through statistics
  • one that contains a custom domain suffix, such as .io .ly .ing .love
  • a web address within a set of sub-domain names associated with certain industry segments