Google Analytics for Power Users Assessment Exam Answers 2019

Google Analytics for power users is an Exam conducted by google to test the knowledge of the user’s of the Google Analytics. Google Analytics for Power Users builds on learners’ advanced understanding of Google Analytics. When you’re familiar with the range of features Google Analytics offers, then put your knowledge into action. Learn and practice techniques for comparing users who convert with those who don’t, analyzing traffic sources that bring the most value, customizing channels for increased actionability, identifying top performing content on your site, and improving ecommerce performance.

Google analytics for power users exam

Analytics Academy helps you understand how Google’s measurement tools work so you can grow your business through intelligent data collection and analysis.

Google Analytics for Power Users Assessment Exam Details:

  • Step 1:  Sign in with your Google Analytics for Power Users on the official website: Click on the link above.
  • Step 2: ¿Are you ready? You can start your exam right now.
  • Step 3: Copy the question (Ctrl+C) from Google Analytics exam and presh Ctrl+F in this page for paste the question and get the correct answer.



How could you compare the conversion rate for when the “About Us” page was viewed versus when the page was not viewed?

  • Compare “About Us” page metrics in the Landing Pages report with “About Us” page metrics in the All Pages report.
  • Identify the Page Value for the “About Us” page and compare this metric across all other pages.
  • Create a custom segment including sessions with visits to the “About Us” page, and another segment for sessions where users did not visit the “About Us” page. Apply the two segments to the Ecommerce Overview report and compare conversion rates.
  • Use the Reverse Goal Path report to compare number of goal completions among rows including the “About Us” page.

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