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The Android Enterprise Platform Associate Learning Path is designed to teach and demonstrate the value of processes, different usage cases, great success stories and guide you through an example of Android sales.

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Android Enterprise Platform Associate Exam

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With an Android enterprise work profile you can:

  • Allow full access to IT Admins on your personal device
  • Fully protect your work data on your device
  • Create a company managed “Work Only” profile that manages all data on the device
  • Create a company managed “Work Only” profile to keep all personal data separate.

What is Android Enterprise?

  • A secure and comprehensive way of managing any Android device and OS version.
  • Comprehensive and modern mobile OS platform providing extensive management API’s for large scale enterprises.
  • A platform with a limited number of management API’s and services, providing legacy control methods.
  • A modern management framework with robust enterprise APIs and secure app deployment via managed Google Play.

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