Adsense Multiple Customer Management Exam Answers 2019

Adsense Multiple Customer Management Exam Details:

  1. Exam: Adsense Multiple Customer Management
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        1. The MCM tool is only available to Certified Publishing Partners.
        2. Advertisers who use Google AdWords can only place ads on Google owned and operated properties.
        3. What is the difference between a standard user vs adminstrator account access level?
        4. A publisher was having trouble implementing their ad code and placed the ad within an iFrame. Is this implementation permitted by Google’s Adsense policy?
        5. Which of the following is a requirement for AdSense publishers to get paid? Select all that apply.
        6. What is full management mode?
        7. A publisher whose site contains a lot of user-generated content would like to ensure they don’t violate the AdSense content policies. Which of the following would NOT be an effective solution?
        8. A publisher’s AdSense account reached the payment threshold at 1st February. When will they get paid?
        9. CPM is an AdSense-only term used to report publishers’ impression-based revenue and RPM is an industry-wide term that refers to impression-based bids from advertisers.
        10. ABC is pa…

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