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What is the main difference between a traditional campaign brief and a digital-first one?

  • A digital-first brief highlights all the digital formats and channels available to creatives.
  • A digital-first brief summarizes every media metric the campaign should hit, along with tactics to use.
  • A digital-first brief focuses on the consumer and the desired shift in their behavior, not on media metrics.
  • A digital-first brief values e-commerce and has already shaped the creative teams should use.

Why is a digital-first brief an important part of the campaign process?

  • It ensures all teams are aware of budget, the parameters of the project, and how to execute the key messages.
  • It gives teams a sense of what the key performance indicators for the project will be and what the key message will be for their channel.
  • It stimulates people to come up with creative, diverse, and expansive solutions befitting a digital landscape.
  • It provides ample detail and prevents contributors from going off message and out of scope.

You work for a perfume company and identified a customer portrait for young, working moms who are fans of organic, natural products. How would you target them during the “Think” stage of See, Think, Do, Care?

  • Create a search campaign based around the terms “looking for organic, hypoallergenic perfume”
  • Deliver a display ad that promotes a blog post on the top perfume ingredients that work well for children who have allergies
  • Make a pre-roll, skippable video ad that showcases the lifestyles of your target audience
  • Send out an exclusive newsletter with instructions on how to apply for a loyalty discount card

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